Tuesday, 11 October 2011

breakin' out !

hey you , devil's little sister
listening to your twisted transistor
your scream that always whisper
stop it , you're hurting my ear

i'm drowned by your thoughtless scheme
your ideology tainted my dream
you're a prig that are much too prim
but your face clearly smeared with cream

you think we are the same
and always here to be blame
i think it's time to pay
for everything you made me say

it is time for a revolution
it is just my salvation
does it make me look bad ?
hey , don't start to get mad

i don't care , i don't mind
coz the last lough is always mine
you will fade when i'm shining
hey look , that girl is cryin'

hey , i'm feeling tired
my time is gone today
you flirt with suicide
sometimes , that's ok