Saturday, 30 April 2011

missing you

Ever since that rainy day you left
You’ve taken part of me with you
My heart fails to understand
What all this really means
The numbness that’s dwelling in my mind
Keeps telling me to let you go
But I can only listen to
The crying in my heart
I’m missing you, missing you
My heart is bursting with so much pain
And time passes slowly; I just can’t help
How much I miss you
I’m missing you, missing you
Why did you have to say good-bye?
Maybe this was the way that things were meant to be
I’m missing you
I know I’m drowning in all my tears
I just can’t seem to cease the flood
My heart keeps on yearning for you
Will you ever come back?
The aching that’s been inside my heart
Doesn’t seem to become any less
I try to tell myself to move on
But I can’t help myself
Oh, my first love, my first love
Without you, I just can’t ease this pain
What to do? What can I do?
I’m going crazy over you
Please promise me, promise me
That you’d find someone else to love
It’s not me, though it’s not me
For your sake, I’ll learn to be strong
It’s hard for me, hard for me
Oh, I love you, I’m missing you
Maybe this was the way that things were meant to be
I’m missing you

Friday, 29 April 2011


u said that u love me.
u said that u cant throw me out from your love.
u said that u love me so much.
u said that u really need me in your life.
u asked me for a second chance.
u asked me to think about it.
i cant..
i just cant just sit and draw and do something stupid.
my mind started to think about it..

Monday, 25 April 2011

what will happen if i...

what will happen if i conntinue loving you?
loving someone who never want to be with me,
someone who never want to talk to me,
someone who never cares about me,
someone who never fulfill her promise and words..
someone who prefer to talk with other guys but noy with me,
someone who never understands me,
my heart will be crushed to pieces,,
i cant live like that..
but what will happen if i stop loving you,
my heart will be empty.
something's missing in my heart..
i just dont get it..

Saturday, 23 April 2011

let's sing along!

i hope-ft island

haruga jinago handari jinado
neoaege yeolraki ojireul anhatseo
nunmuri heuleo gasumi apa
aniya jamshibbunya
anilgeoya anilgeoya
anilgeoya narul dallaejima
niga ddeonan bin jariman keojyeoga

neorul dashi bwado neon neon nae sarang
subaekbeon bwado nan nan nae sarang
haneuri maetjeojun neon nae sarang
niga hamshigireul ilreul geot bbuniya
dashi saranghaedo neoman baerae
doraoolgeoya doraoolgeoya
niga eobnun nanun eobseunikka

nal saranghanda haenohko
dodaechae eodiro ddeonangeoya narul beorigo
jameun nae du songgajido uri yaksogkkajido
na beorigo kkaebeorigo eoddeohkae ddeona

kkumilgeoya kkumilgeoya
kkumilgeoya narul sokijima
naman honja namgyeojinkae seoreoweo

neorul dashi bwado neon neon nae sarang
subaekbeon bwado nan nan nae sarang
haneuri maejeojun neon nae sarang
niga jamshi gireul ilreul geotbbuniya
dashi taeonado neoman barae
dashi saranghaedo neoman barae
doraoolgeoya doraoolgeoya
niga eobnun nanun eobseunikka

ee modeunkae akmongilgeora nan saenggakhaetseo
ah~ jebal ee kkumeseo kkaegiman barae

oneuri jinago naeil ddo nun ddeumyun
ee modeunkae hyeonshiri anin kkumigil barae oh
modeunkae hyeonshilboda deo
rieolhaetdeon kkumiyeotgil nanun barae neol barae
ajikdo neoreul wonhae

dashi dorabwado neon neon nae sarang
sucheonbeonbwado nan nan ni sarang
haneuli heorakhan neon nae sarang
urin jamshi meoreojyetodeon geot bbuniya
dareul yeojarul bwado neoman barae
dareun saranghaedo neoman barae
doraoolgeoya doraoolgeoya naegae eobnun neonun eobseunikka

(Yes Lets Go) maeilbam gidohae nae haengbokanin beulhaeng
neoreul wihae naega anindareul sarang mothakae
nan neo animyun andwi
nae shimjangi neol malhae
nan byeonhameobseo dashi taeonado neoman barae
dashi taeonado neoman barae
dashi saranghaedo neoman barae
doraoolgeoya doraoolgeoya
niga eobnun nanun eobseunikka

ten no michi o iki,subete o tsukasadoru otoko

ten no michi o iki,subete o tsukasadoru otoko

he said it as an introduction or when he want to fight with a worm,
it is a cool quote,actually.
walking the path of heaven,the man who will rule everything.

it is soooooooooo cool when he said it with a cold,calm voice
and with his hand raised and his finger pointed at the sky,
he looked so cool.

Friday, 22 April 2011

my favourite kamen rider

this is one of my favourite kamen rider..
he is,maybe,one of the best and strong rider,
well,,kamen rider decade is far more stronger..
i like his attitude,
always thinks positively,
always thinks he is the best,
always listened to his grandmother's words..
and so on..(sorry madam sheila!)
this is his hyper form..
look pretty strong doesn't it?

and this pink guy is known as kamen rider decade.
he is the strongest kamen rider.
i think he alone can beat the other riders..

this is his complete form!
pretty cool eh?
look at his chest,
all the riders are on it!

this guy is called blade
i like his story
he sacrifices himself to let his friend live.
what a sad story..

this is his king form..
he used it to many times
until the form controls him..

that's all from me.
c u next time!!


i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired..
i really,really need a nap..
a deep nap from all of this..
i just cant take it any longer..
what was that about?
what a nightmare!
even in my sleep it doesnt want to let me go..
i'm tired..

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

i hope

yeah i talk to other girls
i lough with other girls
i smile at other girls but none
of them will ever mean as much to me as you
do you get it?
i love only you
and i only want you
eventhough we are no longer together
i only hope for you
i'm sorry for breaking your heart
i'm so sorry.
i hope we can be together again
coz my heart felt empty without u besides me.


(helmi's request)

Monday, 18 April 2011


is it true?
orewa(saya)rse u all boley follow tips2 ni..
tp orewa rse u all x pyahla borrow puppy..

a shameful day

kepercayaan kepada tuhan
kesetiaan kepada raja dan negara
kedaulatan undang2
did i missed something?
my mind blank
i look back
one of the teachers said,
keluhuran perlembagaan
i continued,
keluhuran perlembagaan
kesopanan dan kesusilaan
what a day..

Sunday, 17 April 2011

single is better,,right?

single is better..
please tell me...

Sunday, 10 April 2011

when the right time comes

i need time 2 think about it
i dont know the right thing that i have 2 do
when i'm not with u
i'm in pain
and when i'm with u
my heart crushed
but my heart keep calling ur name
i dont get it
i dont know what 2 do
when i asked u what do u want me 2 do
my heart hurts a lot.

Friday, 8 April 2011

it's ok.

i'm used to it
walking alone is not as hard as its looks
i'm sorry
i cant turn back
i must stop loving u
eventhough its hard
i have to do it
i'm in pain everytime i see u with him
i'll never show my pain to you
or to the other
coz i've used to it
i've used to act in front of everyone that i'm ok
coz to me
it's ok

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

i love u

i'm sorry
i have 2 leave u
it is not because i've found someone else
i dont want u 2 think like that
i only love u
i love u so much
but it hurts me a lot when u do that 2 me
i know that ur heart hurts
but have u ever think about me?
everyday i'm hurt because of u
everyday my eyes cry
everyday i call 4 u
i still love u
even if i love someone again,
i only want u,
please give me some time
but if u found some one during that time,
i hope i'll never be erased in ur memory