Sunday, 23 October 2011

what is it ?

it's impossible to describe
it's more common than the commn cold
it comes and goes with no apparent reason
we have no idea what brings it on
and when it goes , it's almost impossibleto get back
we have no idea of why it happens
lots of times you expect it and it never happens
other time it happens and you didn't expect it
sometimes you welcome it
sometimes it gets in your way
there is no predicting when or where it will hit
but it usually comes in a flash
then it disappear just as fast
or sometimes it dies an agonizingly long , slow , painful death
it's one word . what is it ?

Thursday, 20 October 2011

no title coz i have no idea .

wahahahahahahahaha . the old chinese warrior loughs . does he really need to lough like that . sorry , i'm watching a chinese movie . i wondered , did the chinese did all of that in the past ? i  mean all the jumping , flying around the sky , punching , kicking , using techniques that are totally boring , are so fake . hey , i want to see something logic . such as naruto and bleach and hayate the combat butler and the tower of druaga and winter sonata ( ? ) and what the whale am i talking about ? i dont know . my mind is kind of empty right now . waaaaaaaaaaaaah ! ! what's happening to me ?

u cant hit two birds with a stone . but u can when they are not flying . hey , dont throw the stone . just hit them . honestly , what the hell am i talking about ? birds ? stone ? huh ? !

huh . . i'm kind of bored right now . i dont know why hey , can i sing for a moment ? gosh , thanx ! bwara mr simple simple ~ hmm , it is kind of entertaining but i'm starting to get bored all over again . weird . i always thought that a free student is a happy student . but why do i feel bored all the time ? gah , i just dont get it !

haih . i just dont get it .

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

u r . .

baby , wherever and whoever you are ,
just in case if you don't know ,
you are . . .

my sunny sky ,
my favourite high ,
my bed so warm ,
my port in a storm ,
my sweetest gift ,
my emotional lift ,
my best friend ,
until the end ,
my inspiration ,
my destination ,
my shining light ,
my day and night ,
my heart healer ,
my anger chiller ,
my pain reliever ,
my spring fever ,
my gem so rare ,
my answered prayer ,
my heart and soul ,
my life made whole ,
my merry-go-around ,
my my "up" when i'm down ,
my best chance ,
my last dance ,
my energizer ,
my appetizer ,
my morning sun ,
my evening fun ,
my dancing partner ,
my source of laughter ,
my everafter ,
my heaven sent ,
for who i'm meant ,
my burning fire ,
my greatest desire ,
my soul mate ,
my sweet fate ,
my dream lover ,
my "before all other" ,
my confiidence ,
my common sense ,
my reson why
until i die

Sunday, 16 October 2011

negatively positive

breaking up with her is something that i think is a positive thing to be done .
i think .
but it does have something negative that came along with it . .
for an example ,
i dunno , i dont have idea what to right in my blog . .
haha .
funny right ?
what the fish am i talking about . .
ha . .

Saturday, 15 October 2011

s h i t .

i did wrong .
i know that .
you dont have to tell me about it .
even someone who is stupid knows 'bout it .
just shut up ok .
there is no need to tell me about it .
what's with you huh ?
hey !
@#$% you !
what ?
what ?
argh ! !
fine !
you ask for it !
take this !
dush , dush
darkness moon break ! !
rasengan !
chidori ! !
36-hit kugi punch ! !
argh !  !
one more time ! !
haha ! !
that's for telling me that i'd answered wrong in pmr !

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

breakin' out !

hey you , devil's little sister
listening to your twisted transistor
your scream that always whisper
stop it , you're hurting my ear

i'm drowned by your thoughtless scheme
your ideology tainted my dream
you're a prig that are much too prim
but your face clearly smeared with cream

you think we are the same
and always here to be blame
i think it's time to pay
for everything you made me say

it is time for a revolution
it is just my salvation
does it make me look bad ?
hey , don't start to get mad

i don't care , i don't mind
coz the last lough is always mine
you will fade when i'm shining
hey look , that girl is cryin'

hey , i'm feeling tired
my time is gone today
you flirt with suicide
sometimes , that's ok